About us

We are a group of specialists focused on the needs of people working in offices and industrial positions.

The company was established as the final project of Executive MBA studies at Kozminski University in 2019, where, based on research on market trends, an increase in interest in improving the ergonomics of workplaces was observed. In cooperation with scientists from the Department of Biomechanics from the Silesian University of Technology, the most important spaces for optimizing workplaces were determined and based on them, the construction of the Ergonomics Project began.

Our team is a combination of management, trade and marketing specialists together with scientists providing knowledge about the functioning of the human body. First of all, we try to perform advisory functions, which translates into the implementation of our business goals.

We are interested in increasing efficiency and reducing the harmful impact on the employee by improving the ergonomics of the workplace.

Our services are primarily consulting and delivery of equipment that improves the quality of workplaces.

The products available on the site are mostly manufactured by our company and available under the ProErgo brand we also offer articles provided by external, but always trusted and proven suppliers.

Thanks to the large facilities and professional logistics organization in most cases, the products you order are in our warehouse and you will receive delivery the next day.

We try to ensure that all product parameters are precisely described on the website, if despite this you are tormented by doubts or you have unusual questions, we encourage you to contact us, new challenges are the driving force that sets the pace for our development and we will be happy to help you solve most of the problems in our area of interest.

A flexible approach and fast service are the qualities you can expect when you decide to cooperate. If you feel discomfort in your professional environment or have an idea to improve its ergonomics, write or call us, we will be very happy to support you.