Desks with electric height adjustment for the office

Desks with electric height adjustment

Desks and office accessories,designed with professionals in mind, dedicated to everyday hard work. Simple and elegant design. Stable construction gives the possibility of using countertops in many sizes. The furniture is equipped with durable twin-engine height control mechanisms and modern controllers with programming option and inactivity alarm. We offer advice in the design of office space. It is also possible to conduct training in the field of workplace ergonomics.

  • Desk with electric table top height adjustment for professional use in the office
  • Electronic panel with height adjustment memory in 3 positions
  • Anti-collision system
  • Two engines
  • Stable, adjustable, three-segment legs
  • Frame with a lifting capacity of 125 kg
  • Quiet rack operation <50dB
  • Height change rate 38 mm/s
  • Height adjustment in the range of 61-126 cm
zł2,010.00 -10%
tax incl. zł1,809.00
  • Model for stationary office or Home Office work
  • Electronic controller with memory of 3 positions
  • Anti-collision system with adjustable sensitivity
  • Two engines
  • Stable two-segment legs
  • Lifting capacity 100 kg
  • Quiet operation <50dB
  • Height change rate 32mm/s
  • Height change in the range of 69-118 cm
zł1,720.00 -25%
tax incl. zł1,290.00