Gaming desk with electric height adjustment for gamers

Gaming Desks

Gaming desks with electric adjustment are a new standard offered for people who spend time in front of the monitor to win small battles, and sometimes entire wars. The mechanism that allows you to set the table top at different heights allows you to take different positions, which can be quickly and easily changed, which significantly supports the body in many hours of battles. Changing the position increases concentration, introduces elements of relaxation movement that relaxes tense muscles, provides oxygen and increases efficiency.
Desks made in a futuristic design with LED backlight and ergonomic tops with a modern coating.

Biurko GAMMA z elektryczną regulacją wysokości

GAMMA Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

zł1,100.00 -40%
netto price: zł660.00
  • Practical gaming desk
  • Modern design
  • Durable and effective veneer imitating carbon
  • RGB LED backlight
  • Additional accessories - driver holder, headphone hanger
  • Easy-FIX system desk installation in max 15 minutes
  • Height adjustment of the table top with one press
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copy of Desk arm for one monitor 10.1

netto price: zł527.64

The monitor arm is the silent hero of workplace ergonomics, which keeps your monitor in the right position – you'll never slouch or mess with your head up again. You will avoid bothersome back pain and the feeling of tired eyes. You don't have to fit in with the monitor – with the help of an arm, this monitor will adapt to you.

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