LAMBDA desk with electric height adjustment

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Biurko LAMBDA z elektryczną regulacją wysokości
  • Biurko LAMBDA z elektryczną regulacją wysokości
  • Biurko LAMBDA z elektryczną regulacją wysokości
  • Biurko LAMBDA z elektryczną regulacją wysokości

72 Items


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72 Items
Table top color
  • alpine whitealpine white
  • Light greyLight grey
  • Sonoma oakSonoma oak
  • Craft oak goldCraft oak gold
  • GraphiteGraphite
Table top size
  • 1200x800x18
  • 1385x800x18
  • 1600x800x18
  • 1200x800x25
  • 1385x800x25
  • 1600x800x25
Leg color
  • Silver
  • White
  • Black
  • The most popular model for Home Office
  • Dimension to the centimeter - the possibility of making countertops to individual order.
  • Simple effective design
  • Driver up/down
  • Single engine
  • Two-segment legs
  • Lifting capacity 70 kg
  • Quiet operation <50dB
  • Height change rate 25mm/s
  • Height change in the range of 71-121 cm

Lambda desk is a basic model that will turn your position into a space for effective and healthy work. Ideal for home, it will also satisfy the basic requirements of users in a traditional office. Centimeter size For a perfect fit, especially in small home spaces, we offer factory-made custom-made countertops - tailored to your space to the centimeter. Please choose the size of the table top and we will make it immediately. We store standard sizes in our warehouse, so if you decide on a desk with a top in a standard size, you will usually receive them the next day.


Made in accordance with the latest trends from durable furniture boards.


The furniture is designed to fit you - the height of the desk can be adjusted with one finger press in the range from 710 - 1210 mm.


The mechanism is very quiet, the height change is only 50dB, and its speed will be an ally in maximizing your efficiency.


The 500 mm adjustment range allows you to fully adjust the height, no matter what position you want to work in - sitting, semi-sitting or standing.


The desk has a proven mechanism based on a two-stage construction of columns with a rectangular cross-section, which ensures the stability and service life of the furniture on a daily basis. It allows you to change the height along with 70 kilograms of documents and equipment located at your workplace.


Feel how comfortable it is to have a conversation with a guest visiting your office while you both talk leaning against your desk – a freedom known more from Friday nights at the bar than from rigid business meetings.


Our products are manufactured in cooperation with the world's best manufacturers, we are focused on product quality and meeting the expectations of each of our customers. True ergonomics is only possible through an individual approach. Fast order processing Thanks to the fact that large stocks of products are in our warehouse, we will realize your order the fastest on the market.

3 lata gwarancji14 dni na zwrotmade in europa

701115 701115
72 Items
Recommended table top width
1000 - 1600 mm
Recommended table top depth
500 - 800 mm
Desk height change range
710-1210 mm
Carrying capacity
70 kg
electric, up/down
Other systems
ideal for smaller spaces
Leg construction
rectangular cross-section, inverted - lower part smaller cross-section
25 mm/s
Number of segments
Column color
Grey and white
PLN 882 2023-12-24


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